Amado bakery

Amado - Academy for Baking and Culinary arts is a place right from heaven. The dreamy space is a paradise for both professional and baking enthusiasts. Amado; has been designed for a client who wanted to share and up skill like minded people who have a passion for baking and culinary arts.
The entire floor plate has different zones which accommodate the reception and enquiry section with an informal cozy sitting space and a dedicated industrial kitchen layout with state of the art facilities for the attendees.
The reception area boldly states ‘LIVE LOVE BAKE’ which is done in single to go with patterned wall highlighting achievements of the the academy. Baking pans are done in black with cooking quotes painted on it to link the elements of baking and cooking with design.
The waiting area embraces the art with niches and nooks showcasing different cake stands and bakery essentials with exposed white brick as background. The furniture take a soft touch of floral fabrics with dark wood inserts in ceilings and shelves. Wall lamps that are framed in golden in wall give you a feeling of travelling the french streets.
The cooking area is equipped with state of the art industrial kitchen units to share the skills with other passionate souls. The island kitchen tops makes it more functional and interactive session. The palette in kitchen is kept in white with wooden ceiling adding natural texture and ambience. Amado is truly one place you cannot resist to miss out and undoubtedly brings in the joy of cooking.

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