Amer Bakery Hut

The Amer Bakery Hut which is very popularly known as ABH is among the first bakeries of Bhopal. Amer Bakery Hut opened its door in 1994, and is having a legacy of 27 years. ABH has been one of the most favourite places in Bhopal. The redesign of the entire space has been done to make it more inviting and a fun space to spend time for all age groups. The layout has been done in two zones with different style and approach. The shop front has been done in bold and striking manner and is inviting at the first glance. It has a huge blue door done with glass and golden ribs that creates a statement of class. The name itself is done in golden which describes the history and legacy of the space. The common public zone is more of a cafe theme with bright colors geometrically done on walls and ceiling. The walls are also overlay-ed with silhouette of various artists that gives in a retro look. The same them of bright vibrant colors drops down to furniture as well. Overall the entire space brightens up mood and makes your dining experience enjoyable. The other zone which is designed for private gatherings and parties has a different look all together. The spaces embraces attention to small details and delicacy in design element. The furniture is kept vintage with bright floral fabrics. The walls has geometrical cut glass with golden rib frames that adds richness to the theme.

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