Bread and better

The Biryani Baba serves Bhopal with its luscious and mouth watering biryani. The store serves you as a take away counter with few counters to enjoy your food right their as well. The Biryani Baba is done with a clean design idea of graphical and illustrative presentation. This highilghts the logo of Biryani Baba which has ‘Biryani Baba’ written in several Indian languages reflecting the idea of different dialects united with taste and flavour.
The Bread and Better bistro makes you walk down the memory lane of rustic and cozy feels and plantations with hanging lamps surrounding you. The cafe provides you a recluse from the city chaos and serves you with its appetizing and flavoursome food menu.
The cafe has been done with an intention to catch eyes while you cross it. It has an intention to serve you on the go with few sittings for those who want to enjoy their meal right their. The frontage reflects the graphically designed menu and abstracts that gives you a visual treat. The logo itself carries an identity and now is a household name.

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