Work Algorithm


At PTA Designs, we promote and implement the philosophy of sustainable designs. We strive to meet newer benchmarks and optimizing resource management, improving occupant morale, performance and overall productivity.

We are committed to making our projects and our offices environmentally sensitive, energy-efficient, sustainable and healthy to occupy. In recognizing that healthy buildings improve quality of life, we believe sustainable design is also smart design.


Excellence in design is achieved through constant innovation and a meticulous process of appraisal of our own designs at every step. Objectively, this provides us with opportunities to conceive new designs and schemes.

The all-inclusive design process is managed by a multi-disciplinary team comprising of research, visualization and design professionals working in symbiosis to develop new ideas, exploring latest technologies and design methodologies in the construction processes.

Forging a Partnership

Clients are equally important in the designing process as we believe that a great design emerges through a constructive exchange of ideas. We are demanding of ourselves, we are equally demanding of our clients.

This collaboration is an effective way to manage a project. Our approach to designs is influenced by the client’s perception of “space” because ultimately, it is through their interpretation that a project becomes complete.