one up Rooftop Restaurant

Rajhans Restaurant is household name in The City of Lakes - Bhopal. As designers we felt extremely overwhelmed to be part of this prestigious project. The rooftop area has been done in two sections - a buffet area and outdoor sitting.

The buffet area is designed to be functional and appealing. The wooden accents run through the ceiling and merges with the serving counters. The wall behind the serving counters are finished in stone with niches holding up glass lamps and mirrors to visually make the area a bit more spacious. The patterned black and white flooring gives a sense of play-fullness and visual illusion.

The outdoor sitting is shaded by tensile structures to prevent from harsh weathers, though it brings in diffused lighting in day and evening breeze though the louvered partition during night. The louvers are collated with planters that adds a visual treat and soothing green. The hanging lamps gives a starry effect for perfect dining experience. The sitting is done in combination of chairs and stone sitting which added a design element and saved space as well. The exposed brick finishes in white and red with wooden flooring gelled up together as subtle layout; adding warmth to the space.

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