The Bright suite

Your space defines your habits, living style and your personality. This approach helped us to design bedroom and living area for our dear client Gurshan. The client as a person is a great hosts and loves spending time indoors with friends and family. This made us design the living area which flaunts a sofa done in teal with bright cushions adding life that sits upon dark wooden flooring adding that elegant factor in the space. The wooden furniture are finished in darker shade making distinguish textures and patterns. The living area boasts a white exposed brick finished wall that gives you a beautiful backdrop for you T.V. which is mostly used for gaming sessions or as home theatre. The nook in the living area consists of a smart home office to do day to day formal meetings and works while being in your own zone. The chairs in the office are of same shade of that used in cushions of sofa; keeping the simple idea to co relate the spaces and bring in harmony. The office area also has a small bar against the wall that has been designed aesthetically to store, showcase and serve.
The bedroom which is accessible from living area brings in calm and composed feeling as soon as you enter. The room is done in white on walls and ceilings, to enhance the composition teal is added on the wall behind the bedroom which has been borrowed from shades of fabrics used in living. The bed itself is an example of classic and elegant living. The shades of wood are kept same in bedroom as used in the living. The highlight is the minimal white side table with antique legs that praise the elegant bed.

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