the Garg office

The formal concept of office to have serious atmosphere and dedicated cabins and desks were on a toss while doing this project. The office is done for a young budding entrepreneur who wanted to have a life while being in office.
So we adapted an open floor plan concept with three zones; the boss lady’s desk, the green patch with plant and the entertainment zone. The entire floor plan is done in a bright and bold way. The main desk is done in bright blue with golden ribs which hosts a lavish high back chair for the boss lady and complementing guest chairs. The theme follows up in the front to the console and the shelves against the wall.
The middle area is an informal sitting with artificial grass and potted plant, making it a perfect space for coffee sessions while working. The third zone has been kept as a space for entertainment with sitting made out of discarded wooden packaging boxes painted and cushioned. This was a delineated space to host friends and family after work hours and spend time together. The flooring has been defined as per the activity too, the work space is done in geometric tiles followed up with artificial grass in middle that compliments the wooden flooring in the entertainment zone.

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