The happiness project

The Naryani’s Residence has been designed to reflect the family that calls it home. Every glimpse with hold your breath, make your eyes gaze and make your heart skip a beat. Even after that very glimpse you will find something new and unseen every time you experience the space. The already existing house which was part of row housing township is remodeled architecturally and done with interiors that added life. The client who is a businessmen wanted to create a dream house for his lovely wife and two kids. The family was really enthusiastic about their house which inspired us to curate a space that belonged to them.
The details in design can be comprehended right from the porch where you find a Buddha statue on a grid pattern wall that smartly hides the pool behind it. The lawn has an art piece showcasing birds and dancing murals depicting the celebrations in life.
The formal living room is an example of the rich and classic feeling of luxury with gold finished inserts and furniture hand crafted with intricate details and design. The informal living area that shares the double height with the first floor is a fun place that displays note written by the lady of the house about her family which adds so much warmth and love. The furniture has a pop art nature with tables done in bone inlays. This area is shared adjacent to dining area, added with Windsor chair and wooden table to host as many as you like.
The kitchen which has been done so youthfully makes it a space where you would enjoy cooking and love spend time in. To make the kitchen more interactive a breakfast counter has been added to take you to English streets with breakfast and hot coffee served to you.
The family loved to spend time together which made us transform one of the bedrooms to a family room with lots of space to lay down, read your book, have pillow fights, talk, gossip, cheer and share.
The bedrooms are done with a style that represents the user and depicts the character with details and elements. The master bedroom carries the taste of rich and heritage look with fusion of contemporary design. The wardrobe has beautiful detailed finish which also has been amalgamated the headboard of bed and the TV unit. The wooden accents on walls and TV Unit gives a subtle base to enhance the detailed elements.
The son’s bedroom can be easily identified with his name ‘Kalp’ boldly stating his presence. The room shows his character of being young, fun loving and expressive through the unique combination of white exposed brick with wooden furniture and bright colors. The bedroom also shows his love for football clubs and his interest in music.
The daughter’s bedroom ‘Jiya’ is right from a princess’s diary. The white finishes with colour inserts soothes your eye. The furniture are done in white and pink with wooden accents on ceilings and side tables. The bedroom has a cozy sitting corner which was specially done as her hobby corner to read and write.
The two guest bedrooms are no less than a suite. The bedrooms are done with different approaches and styles making each of them unique in its own way defined by its own design elements and material finishes.
The Puja area has been done next to the skylight which washes it with the natural day light and creates an amazing play of shadow and light. The Puja area gives you the sense of calmness and prosperity with various elements like the plant, jali and niches.
The bar area wont even let you step out of the house for your weekend nights. The bar has been designed to hold up a good time with your friends and family. The space has been zoned with casual sitting space with sofas and chairs that faces the bar counter with Windsor bar stools. The entire area has been perfectly explored with different patterns and materials spanning from the floors, table tops, wall finishes and ceiling. The residence also accommodate a well furnished home theatre to catch all your movie shows right being at your home. The home theatre has been done acoustically with state of the art media technology and adding the cinema theatre feel with ambient lighting and experience.

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