project tranquility

The Kshetrapal’s Residence is one of our first projects that briefly started in 1996 and happened in stages, parts, additions and alterations till 2018. The love of this project cannot be expressed in words.
The residence carries character of different times and period which cannot be though distinguished by the overall look of the entire place. There are characteristic elements like the Indian touch of art and material palette that binds the entire design philosophy together as a whole.
The residence boasts lavish bedrooms and closets with grand living spaces for guests with both indoor and outdoor sitting as your mood, dining area, lobby that makes you walk through heritage and a classic bar. This residence has been designed with various sitting nooks and corners to enjoy the perfect view of the green outside and let in the daylight come with the pleasent breeze.
The sloping roof, narrow windows, clean lines and natural landscape this home is no less than a forest get away.

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