The urban sky

This small cozy home is one dream home. The entire house boasts splashes of colors and patterns making the entire palette lively and cherishing. The house is done for a younge couple who lives in the city of dreams - Mumbai. The brief was to make a space that brings in life and uplifts the mood after the mundane office hours.

The astounding views from the bedroom and balconies make it a perfect spot to relish and enjoy the serenity. Thus we took an outside inside approach by doing the balcony first. The balcony is done in bright and bold tone which is reflected in the furniture and fabric which is also carried in the potted plants. The space is breathing with a green wall with stone cladding that adds the touch of nature even after being high above the ground.

The living room carries the same character, the sofa has been done in single tone with cushions in popping color. The real show stealer is the Side Table next to the sofa cum Bed, that has been Handpainted, and accomodates quite a lot inside.

The formal living and dining space has been done in a lighter shade of colors so as to make the area feel bigger. The dining wall has been done with white exposed brick that acts as background to the dining space. The dining furniture itself is a beautiful affair of white antique chairs and wooden round table. The formal living area is composed of different style of sitting in different color tones and fabric too. This eventually created a visual composition that balanced each other and added pinch of excitement with every glance. The walls were put down and partitioned with sliding glass panels to enlarge the space with the outdoor balcony sitting.

The bedroom has been done with minimal interventions and little elements that are reflected either in the bright louvers or the mosaic side table. The cupboard is an experiment with natural wood finish and panels in hand woven jute. the bedroom also has a small cozy corner of study with open book shelves keeping the look raw.

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