the pastel play

The heart beats louder when you move in your new space. Shaily & Harshit wanted to move into their dream home which was curated for them from our heart. The couple gave us an open hand to design a beautiful living along with a bedroom with walk in closet. This design was concluded with lots of experiments done in material and finishes that can be felt and experienced at every nook and corner.
The lavish living area has hand crafted luxurious and bright sofa that makes you sit down and settle in. The centre table and side table are done in intricate detailed bone inlays in floral and geometric patterns making it the show stopper in the room. The living room has huge vases with flowers to reflect the idea of living large. Behind the sofa is the wall which painted with lotus motifs painted in Pichwai style bringing in that Indian touch that we love doing.
The bedroom is like a suite, its a large space with bed in one corner and informal sitting area on other. The bed has been kept low in height with a small day bed for your lazy moods just next to it. Its a space with fluffy dreams and cozy naps. The wall behind it is designed with vertical grooves with niches in another shade; composing the perfect backdrop. The informal sitting has a lounge sofa with high back chair and stone ledge sitting for a fun interactive coffee sessions. This beautifully acts as a visual extension from the bed area and creates another space all together in the same room.

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