the rajasthan love

It feels good and motivated when your thought process and approach towards design and details converge at one point with the client in one go. Veenu’s residence has been one perfect example to show our love for details in design, celebrating Indian arts and crafts and soulfully curate everything with one’s personal touches and needs.
The client loved engravings, carvings derived and inspired from Rajasthan. The formal living area is a beautiful relfection of royal art and architecture. The sofa set, chairs and tables are done in hand engravings and carvings finished in different surfaces. The client being a hobbyist of collecting antiques added zing to the entire space, which looks no less than a royal court.
The informal living and dining is a space with double height and large window openings. The sofa has been refurbishment along with the dining chairs, to live with an idea of sustainability and restoring. The entire informal living and dining area has various inserts of hand made tiles done in walls and furniture which is sourced from ‘The Pink City - Jaipur’.
The client’s bedroom is a royal affair with beautiful and delicate carvings in arches in wall which acts as a head board for the bed. Small detailed touches of lamps, curtains and rugs add to the ambience of a palace straight from Jaipur.
The son’s bedroom has a different aura with brick finishes and clean wooden surfaces for furniture and ceilings. Though few elements like the lamps and chair are done in the same manner as living and dining to co relate the spaces.
The bar has been smartly placed below the sloping roof and gives a cozy experience with windows overlooking landscape. The furniture used in bar is also refurbishment with different finish and fabric as per the overall theme for the bar.

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