In the heart of Madhya Pradesh, S.PACE provides collaborating office and incubation centre. With the times changing and increase in co working trend; S.PACE fulfills all the needs for all types of firms and entrepreneurs.
The 3 floor office carries different character at each level. S.PACE has been designed keeping all types of needs and requirements for different scales and types of businesses. The design portfolio extends from single working desks to office space for 15 people that is complimented with meeting and discussion rooms, informal coffee session areas, recreational spaces, gaming zones, cafeteria and halls for various training and informal activities.
Understanding the area and the user experience the design varies from space to space. Details and designs are done to make the space vibrant and positive to bring out the best of the people spending most hours of
their days at S.PACE.
The material palette used is like a collage of different textures and patterns making every single zone unique in its own way. The corridors adds to informal small nooks which is like a meeting point for different types of people from different backgrounds and acts like a focal point for all.

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