the Tareef restaurant

Tareef Restaurant gives you a spell bound experience, it caters both an indoor and outdoor sitting areas which is done in a way to make you feel delightful every single time you visit. The entrance foyer is like a hidden door admist the dense and natural landscape. The walkway has beautiful flooring details in colourful hand made tiles with a hand crafted and painted wooden door which is always an element of surprise. The indoor area consists of a double height sitting area and another space on mezzanine floor for sitting. These spaces are zoned with wooden arches detailed with floral details. The ceiling of mezzanine floor has been painted with Pichwai, reviving the traditional art and art forms of India. The ceiling also boasts huge glass lamps that lights up the entire area with beautiful ambient lighting. There are inserts of colored glasses in walls that shines with colour when the sun strikes up on them creating rainbows all over the place during day time. The furnitures in indoor area are traditionally made in different colour which stands out in front of exposed white brick finish. The outdoor restaurant sits among lush green palms giving natural shade. The flooring which is done in blue and white mosaic forms a beautiful pattern in itself with rustic wooden finished furniture with gazebos for perfect outdoor dining experience.

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