Right from the word ‘go’ we wanted to create a space that’s more about experiencing nuts in their natural glory, rather than just setting a store where one has to make a choice based on perceived image of the brand or store. At Whole Nuts you’ll see a transparent, non-plastic display and delivery of nuts in handpicked containers where you can see, taste explore and make more informed choices.
The ambience of the store gives you an aesthetic blend of classy and classic interiors. Every square inch is designed and detailed to give you that cozy and comfortable feeling to explore nuts and feel their glory, in total comfort.
The spirit of purity and originality is felt everywhere whether it’s the nuts or the setting in which they are presented to you. The interior features an old brick wall that was retained and brought to its original feel. Recycled, refurbished doors, light, cozy and comfortable furniture are designed in total sync of the brand ethos and make best use of the available space. A handpicked selection of artefacts makes the experience even more pleasant. A holistic design with attention to details just makes this place worth visiting again and again. All and all, the simplicity of the design acts as a keynote to elegance and sophistication. It’s about the realities of what make for an attractive, civilised and meaningful environment.

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