Project Mausam

A very well lit, airy and big apartment at the 12th floor of the building, thus the view and air fills up the space of this apartment. The brief from the client was very simple, to have open, clean spaces, with a touch of English Classical style. A very soothing colour scheme was to be taken as a background for all around.
It’s a 3,500 sq.ft. 4 BHK apartment, there is one balcony attached to the main living area. An entrance foyer leads to a small cozy home office, and then you enter a surprisingly bigger and open living and dining space and a balcony with a beautiful view. A passage connects through the other bedrooms and kitchen having a breakfast counter.
It’s a complete retirement, vacation home, to unwind and to chill with children and grandchildren. You immediately connect with the vibe, very quiet, calm and soothing space!
The colour scheme is bright yet pastels, a beautiful powder blue has been used in the living area, and the wooden furniture has shades of teal and blues to blend with the environment and the space!

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